Debt Doesn’t Have to be a Four-Letter Word: The Venture Debt Alternative to Equity Financing

December 20, 2023


Position Imaging has successfully navigated the challenging landscape of startup financing, securing $30 million in venture debt to fuel its growth and market expansion. This strategic move highlights the importance of venture debt as a viable alternative to equity financing for growth-stage companies, offering a way to scale without significant equity dilution.

How can startups and growth-stage companies navigate the increasingly complex funding landscape, especially in a market where venture capital may be less accessible?

This question sets the stage for the latest episode of Intelligent Logistics, a Position Imaging podcast hosted by Daniel Litwin, the Voice of B2B. The episode features insightful discussions with Ned Hill, the CEO of Position Imaging, and David Byrne, the Managing Director at Ghost Tree Partners, focusing on the critical aspects of fundraising, the role of intellectual property in securing funding, and the importance of choosing the right investment partners.

“Sometimes you don’t have a choice, right,” Hill said. “If you’re funding and you’re at a certain level, you’re not going to go to a venture debt group or something like a ghost tree without a heck of a lot of IP or some good cash flow down the road or et cetera.”

“We need to be a lot more specific around the business plan now than in previous times,” Byrne added, emphasizing the importance of a clear and sustainable business model in attracting the right investors.

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