Vizrt and IHSE: A Partnership Powering Seamless Visual Storytelling

July 19, 2023
James Kent


In a recent chat at NAB 2023, Chris Black, Global Head of Branding Communications at Vizrt, lauded the company’s partnership with IHSE USA to power seamless visual storytelling. Vizrt, a leading provider of innovative visual storytelling tools, relies on IHSE’s KVM systems for high-stress, high-performance environments like live broadcast centers and trade shows. Black emphasized the importance of error-free, real-time access to multiple systems from a single workstation, a capability made possible by IHSE. The partnership has been instrumental in the successful execution of Vizrt’s main NAB show, the Visrt Experience Las Vegas. Looking ahead, Black expressed excitement about future collaborations with IHSE, appreciating their solid and reliable system provision.

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