Water Conservation and Sustainability Are Critical for a Data Center’s Success

May 21, 2024


Digital infrastructure is essential, and as data centers expand, their environmental impact, water conservation and sustainability have come under scrutiny. As the demand for data storage and processing capabilities grows exponentially, so does the concern for the environmental impact of these facilities, particularly in terms of water usage. Nick Phillips, the EVP of Hosting Operations and Public Affairs at Applied Digital, sheds light on how innovative designs in data center operations can significantly reduce water consumption—a crucial consideration in today’s environmentally conscious world.

Why are sustainable practices becoming necessary for data centers, and how are companies adapting to minimize environmental impact?

Phillips looks at the evolving landscape of data center sustainability, focusing on water conservation as a critical component. Here are the main takeaways from his insights:

  • Innovative Design: Applied Digital employs a closed-loop water system in their data centers, which drastically reduces the need for continuous water supply. This system is refilled only initially and recycles water internally, minimizing overall consumption
  • Community Impact: The strategic approach to water conservation is particularly beneficial in rural communities where water resources are often limited. By limiting their water use, Applied Digital ensures that local communities, such as farmers, do not face additional water scarcity due to their operations
  • Sustainability as a Priority: Water conservation is a crucial aspect of data center operations to ensure their long-term viability and acceptance in communities

Through these strategies, Applied Digital demonstrates how data centers can operate sustainably while still meeting the increasing demands of the digital age.

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