Wavelengths: What Does the Future of 5G Really Look Like?

April 19, 2021

The era of 5G networks is upon us, but what does that really mean for the average consumer? What can people expect from the implementation of this new technology, and how will it impact our day-to-day lives?

One man has an answer.

Joining podcast host Daniel Litwin on this episode of the Wavelengths podcast is Zak Raley, Senior Vice President at Amphenol and recent inductee to the CA-TV Pioneers, who brings over 25 years of experience in the telecom industry to the show.

He used his experience and understanding of connectivity networks to provide a deeper understanding on the global 5G rollout, implementation and installation, as well as 5G’s future impact.

Raley described the 5G rollout as “essentially creating a massive, wide-scale, very low latency network that will connect more devices than there are people on the planet.”

For context as to the power of this new technology, he estimated that there are currently 25-40 billion devices in use across the planet right now, with the inevitable creation of millions more over time.

Although 5G network technology is still in its infancy, he expects that “it really is going to be a network of communications that will very much be IP-based and will interface with every aspect of daily life, whether it be in business, education, farming, or automobile. It will be a ubiquitous network that will take us to the next level of communications in the interconnectedness of many, many things.”

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