Wearable Technology Breaks into the Defense Sector

Expansions in IoT and automated solutions are making shockwaves in numerous industries, and the military is no exception. Interconnected and portable devices are incredibly valuable assets for soldiers, especially wearable technologies. Analysts predict that by the end of 2018, close to 350 million wearable devices will be active around the globe, and that number is expected to grow as more applications and solutions are found.[1] It’s no surprise, then, that the military has taken advantage of this growing technology.
Wearable technology can help soldiers in the field by tracking them more accurately, giving central command more precision in coordinating operations. The more precise the readouts, the less risk there is for errors of any kind. A major advantage of wearables is how easily they can blend in with a soldier’s kit without adding too much weight to the already heavy load.
The defense sector’s original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are innovating for military applications as well, replacing handheld radios with wireless, hands-free communicators. That means a reliance on batteries, which wearable and mobile technologies have pushed to become more efficient and long-lasting. As innovations continue, OEMs are looking to make wearable tech even more efficient, integrated, and powerful for military use and beyond.

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