What are the Largest Areas of Growth for the Drone Industry?

David Benowitz is the Head of Research for DroneAnalyst, which released a report digging into how the industry performed during COVID-19 and how much hardware was sold in 2020 versus 2019.

“While a lot of people, of course, saw a lot of interest in delivery during COVID-19 — delivering medical devices, etc. — and we definitely saw a lot of growth, we’re really interested to see that across the whole industry.

We’re looking at the markets that currently exist. We’ve seen tremendous growth across the whole industry, with hardware growing from about $2.4 billion USD in 2019 to a much larger $3.5 billion of hardware being sold in 2020.

And, when we start looking at these segments that have grown, the only segment that was hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic was creative professionals, because the film industry pretty much stopped production and, therefore, stopped purchasing drones, as well.

But we saw huge, huge, tremendous growth in consumer, which grew by more than 30%. Enterprise imaging was even higher than that when talking about public safety and industrial applications.

The No. 1 largest growing sector during COVID-19 was agriculture spraying. And, of course, we’ve seen these drones being used for spraying disinfectant for COVID-19, as well. But we’re also seeing the core business of agriculture spraying drones just really take off in Asia and elsewhere where regulations are much more relaxed and where the products are finally meeting customers’ demands.”

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