Thanks in part to the COVID-19 pandemic, drone delivery is back in the middle of conversation regarding the future outlook for drone usage and their burgeoning possibilities – and it’s already taking center stage.

Zing Drone Deliveries is an autonomous drone delivery platform offering pilots everything they need to get started in this blooming industry, as well as built-in autonomous software compatible with DJI drones that help facilitate exact landings, avoid cars, people and other obstacles and ensure there’s no conflict with other aircraft.

On this episode of MarketScale’s Drones in America, host Grant Guillot was joined by return guest and Zing CEO Ian Annase to explore the platform and its place in the drone industry in our country.

Zing allows pilots, for functions that are applicable, to sign up with a Part 107 license, something the Guillot said is relatively rare in the industry.

For someone running a leading-edge drone company, Annase said his earliest beginnings with the technology weren’t exactly promising.

“My first experience with drones was actually a bit unfortunate,” Annase said. “I bought an [F100] from Amazon, which is kind of a little toy drone, and it didn’t have any kind of FPV or anything. I was just flying it around and kind of watching it fly. … As I was flying the drone, I flew it up real high – maybe 300 feet, and I let go of the throttle. It started falling out of the sky like a rock with my smartphone still attached to it.”

Since, though, Annase’s journey in helping get Zing off the ground has opened promising doors in the drone industry. To start, the state of Kansas has welcomed Zing to the testing of the FAA’s BEYOND integration pilot program – now, it’s about working to get more locations on board with the beneficial uses of drones.

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