Women’s History Month with Susan Post, Jessica Ferguson and Corina St. Jean

January 1, 2023
irfan ullah

Pavion’s Women’s History Month series continues with a conversation on women in leadership led by Susan Post, Jessica Ferguson, and Corina St. Jean

Looking at the many achievements of NASA and the space program, an important name surfaces: Barbara Askins. Her work with NASA pushed the field of radiology into exciting areas with her development of methods to enhance images using radioactive materials. Askins received notable achievements for her efforts as the Association for Advancement of inventions and Innovations’s National Inventor of the year in 1979. Askins’ multiple contributions to science earn her a rightful role for women in leadership.

Pavion honors Women’s History Month all March with this special series dedicated to those women in leadership who make the ordinary extraordinary and elevate every business. From engineering to AV and everything in between, many industries are looking for female leaders to join their ranks.

On this fourth episode of the series, host Michelle Dawn Mooney rejoins Pavion’s Chief Strategy & Integration Officer, Susan Post, to highlight women in leadership. And with them are two more integral parts of Pavion, Jessica Ferguson, Sr. Director of M & A Integrations, and Corina St. Jean, HR Director.

“We can thank her (Askins) for bringing photo enhancements and allowing people to see the whole world or a little piece of it they may be interested in,” Post said.

About Susan

Throughout Susan Post’s thirty-year career in the security industry, she’s helped organizations solve their biggest operational and day-to-day issues through strategic guidance and collaboration with customers, installation teams, and customer service managers.

As the vice president of service delivery and customer experience, Post manages teams of project managers, project engineers, and field administrators committed to excellent service delivery and customer service, further contributing to the drive for customer growth, customer retention, and overall company longevity and success.

About Jessica

Jessica Ferguson prides herself on her positive attitude, excellent interpersonal communication skills, and loyalty. Ferguson’s previous history working in the healthcare management industry serves her well in her new world of leading Security Integration, fire systems, healthcare, education, and audiovisual systems integrators. Ferguson is a graduate of Palm Beach State College.

About Corina

Corina St. Jean is currently the HR director for Pavion. She holds an MBA in Human Resources and Strategic Management from the University of Maryland.

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