In the B2B animation world, the newest wave of creatives is bringing two unique things to the table. They grew up watching some of the most innovative cartoons that relaunched the animation world from its slump, watching Disney’s Renaissance and consuming Saturday morning cartoons that featured thoughtful and eccentric animation like The Simpsons, a variety of anime and Beavis and Butthead. They also grew up with the meteoric rise in online and social connectivity, living through middle and high school during the release of the first iPhone and tuning in to the birth of Twitter, Instagram and even Facebook.

Justin Lee, WestCoast Rep of IdeaMACHINE Studio, is utilizing these two generational staples to stand out in an animation world that’s struggling with effective communication. On Wildfire, Justin walks us through the unique set of luxuries and challenges that a younger creative workforce deals with, how niche content and transparency makes or breaks a production studio, and how stepping away from just “production” will set you apart.

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