A shakeup at Universal Tennis means a new CEO, new ownership, a new media partnership, but the same vision to make tennis more accessible around the world. Creators of the Universal Tennis Rating system, which aims to create a common standard and language for the world’s tennis players, Universal Tennis is rapidly spreading through college and junior leagues all over. Combining this progress with experienced leadership and a seasoned investment team, Universal Tennis is anticipating even more growth in 2018.

Universal Tennis announced Mark Leschly of Iconica Partners and Rho Capital Partners as their new CEO. He brings personal, high-level tennis experience as well as experience leading teams and companies at the intersection of sports, technology, and media. New ownership boasts experience from numerous relevant industries, the CEO of Oracle, and a former Chairman of Tennis Hall of Fame. Already in use by thousands of players in more than 200 countries globally, Universal Tennis is pushing forward with their vision of creating a truly common language for players.

The Tennis Channel is preparing to use Universal Tennis’s UTR system in their live coverage, offering detailed power-rankings, trends, and more. Universal Tennis hopes the partnership will draw more players to the system, where they can find competitive matches, coaches, and stats overviews, no matter where they live. The platform is seeing even more growth as new leadership settles in at Universal Tennis. The sport of tennis is growing more accessible by the day.