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The world of sports and entertainment has been undergoing a major paradigm shift in how we consume content. Consumers are more frequently looking to their mobile devices and to social media to keep them informed and entertained. Platforms like Netflix and YouTube have a massive impact on the viewing habits of public. On this episode of the MarketScale Sports & Entertainment podcast, we discuss some of the ways content is changing to accommodate the shift in how people are consuming media.


Brian Verne, CEO of WAVE, joined up to talk about how sports entertainment is shifting from traditional media to mobile and social platforms. He shares his thoughts on the concept of a “decentralized newsroom,” talks about some of the challenges that come with penetrating the market, and how the industry is adapting to a younger audience’s needs.

“These younger fans…don’t want to sit in front of the TV and watch a talking head or watch a three hour game,” says Verne. “They want bite-sized content that’s personalized, that’s easily digestible, they want it on the platform of their choice, and, most importantly they want it to be created by their peers.”

This shift to peer created content could represent a major shift in the consumption of sports broadcasts. In an industry that has remained unchanged for so long, having a variety of voices that can grab the attention of fans might be just what the doctor ordered.


Could legal sports betting be headed to a stadium near you? The Supreme Court got the ball rolling in May 2018, when their decision allowed states to individually create their own regulations. Dustin Gouker of Legal Sports Report joined the podcast to talk about the states who have legalized the practice and whether or not we’ll ever see betting windows at arenas and stadiums.

“There are owners who are really into this,” says Gouker. He says the District of Columbia has jumped out a head of most other states in the adoption of sports betting. We’ll see which states follow suit in the next year, but one thing is for sure, this will have a massive impact on the world of sports.


Creating highlight videos and behind the scenes content that can be easily shared on social media has become increasingly important to sports leagues around the world. One of the tools being used by many creatives is APM Music.

Matt Gutknecht, Senior Director of Sports Entertainment at APM Music, and Ben Potts, Senior Audio Mixer for NASCAR productions, joined the show to talk about how APM helps create epic pieces of content like the Radioactive: Homestead-Miami video.

“I don’t have the creative vision,” says Gutknecht. “That’s where I feel that we’re absolutely blessed to have so many amazing clients, like Ben, that can showcase essentially what’s possible with using our comprehensive service.” APM uses their vast library of songs and sound effects to help creatives like Ben achieve their goals when creating these pieces of content. Potts tells a story about hearing a song on a movie trailer and calling Matt to find out what song it was and how it could be incorporated into one of his projects at NASCAR.

This customer interaction coupled with the incredible catalog of is what helps set APM Music apart for clients like Ben and NASCAR. “It’s always good to have that relationship,” he says. “And it’s not just a me thing. Any of our producers can contact Matt and have that source.”

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