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If you’ve ever used a Fitbit, Apple watch, or step counter, you’ve harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to track athletic performance and health. But these consumer devices are just the tip of the iceberg. Professional athletes are making gains in practice by using innovative new technology applied to ball-throwing machines, commonly known as jugs. Here today to talk about “The Seeker,” the world’s first robotic quarterback, is Sawyer Theison, Director of Sales for Monarc Sports.

“The Seeker,” is not your average jug. By combining IoT tracking technology with a smart wearable device, the machine becomes an intelligent robot, throwing balls within 10cm of precision. In fact, Sawyer asserts that the Seeker is “100x more accurate than GPS.” So why is this smart technology important to athletes? Sawyer explains that players can become accustomed to the throws of regular jugs, sitting in plateaus and taking away value from a practice session.

With random mode, The Seeker can pitch a variety of throws, or customize a ball’s arc and speed. What’s more, The Seeker collects valuable data on the player such as peak speed, average speed, and rate of acceleration. These stats help players push and train, increasing practice efficiency during offseason.

Playing catch is no longer a two-person sport with the help of The Seeker. This smart robot helps players, be they collegiate or professional, train when they want–how they want. With remote software updates, The Seeker is not unlike other smart devices–user-friendly. Though the Seeker is designed for American Football, Sawyer explains it is only a matter of time before Monarc Sports presents the smart Pitcher, Striker, and Server.

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