Navigating the Transition from Sports to Business with Johnny Quinn

July 1, 2024
James Kent


Navigating the transition from a career in sports to business requires many of the same skills athletes use daily.

In the inaugural episode of The Guide Post, host Hunter Lopatin sits down with Johnny Quinn, a U.S. Olympian turned Successful Entrepreneur. This discussion is timely as many athletes face the challenge of transitioning from sports to business, seeking to leverage their athletic skills in a new arena.

How do these elite athletes successfully transition to thriving business careers?

Lopatin and Quinn, who shares his journey from NFL player and Olympian to successful business professional, explore the seamless transfer of the skills and mindset developed in sports to the business world.

Main Points of Conversation:

  • The similarities between the mental challenges faced in sports and business.
  • The importance of seeking out coaches and mentors at every level of professional development.
  • How to effectively manage multiple business ventures using strategies like the time maximizer funnel.

Johnny Quinn is a former NFL player and U.S. Olympian who has successfully transitioned into a multifaceted business career. He is now a Keynote Speaker, Insurance Broker, and Co-Founder of the Pickle Better training app. Quinn uses his motivational speaking and expertise to help others navigate their professional transitions.

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