Unleashing Unlimited Value in Digital Transformation

December 15, 2023
Gabrielle Bar


Chris Damon, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Offerings at Thirdera, delineates the pioneering approach of Thirdera in the ServiceNow ecosystem. He articulates how Thirdera transcends conventional boundaries in the partner landscape, positioning itself in the optimal ‘Goldilocks zone’ of the industry. This unique placement allows Thirdera to adeptly blend scalability with agility, tailoring their services to the dynamic and evolving demands of their clients.

Underpinning Thirdera’s strategy for 2023 is the theme of ‘unlimited value,’ a testament to their deep-rooted expertise and heritage in working with ServiceNow. The concept of unlimited value embodies their commitment to unlocking the latent potential within the ServiceNow platform, a challenge many organizations grapple with despite its extensive features. Through a consultative and challenging approach, Thirdera aims to elevate clients’ experiences, enabling them to harness the full spectrum of capabilities offered by ServiceNow.

Damon highlights Thirdera’s significant engagement and energy at industry events, showcasing their vibrant presence and deep-rooted connections within the sector. This engagement not only signifies Thirdera’s stature in the field but also underscores the value of in-person interactions in forging enduring relationships and collaborations.

As Thirdera looks to the future, Damon outlines an ambitious trajectory of global growth and innovation. The expansion into new regions, exemplified by the acquisition in Spain, and the nurturing of talent through Thirdera University, reflect a strategic focus on building a global footprint and a robust talent pipeline. The emphasis on developing certified offerings and driving customer value through compelling solutions and strategic road mapping epitomizes Thirdera’s commitment to not just keeping pace with, but actively shaping the future of the ServiceNow ecosystem.

In essence, Thirdera’s vision for the end of the year and beyond is to redefine the norms of customer value and solution delivery in the ServiceNow space, steering the industry towards a future where the integration of technology and client needs is seamless, intuitive, and boundlessly valuable.

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