Black Wolf: Examining the Pros and Cons of Armed Ride-Share Drivers

July 20, 2023
Mike Matranga

Mike Matranga, CO of M6 Global Defense and host of the SecurED Podcast, and Mike Monsive, CEO of ASAP Security and co-host of the SecurED Podcast, discuss Black Wolf, distinguishing itself from Lyft and Uber by offering armed ride-share drivers. The idea presents pros and cons, especially considering drivers may have other jobs and liabilities.

While the concept seems intriguing, concerns arise regarding liability for individual drivers. The CEO actively recruits law enforcement, military, and experienced security personnel. However, this doesn’t guarantee the drivers possess the necessary skills and mindset for the role.

Viewing the concept through a risk-oriented lens reveals potential dangers. Criminals may exploit the availability of armed drivers, leading to weapon theft and additional security concerns. Despite law enforcement or security backgrounds, anyone can be vulnerable.

To secure things, both experts agree on the importance of looking at the concept from various angles. While having an armed guard in the vehicle may seem appealing to consumers, evaluating risks is essential to prevent potential misuse.

In conclusion, the idea of Armed ride-share drivers raises complex considerations. Ensuring safety and minimizing potential risks should be a top priority when exploring such services.

The Full Length Podcast Will Be Available July 24th.

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