In a competitive marketplace, it’s hard for companies to maintain an edge over rivals, but one way to stand out is through exceptional people. On today’s podcast, Heather DeNamur, Talent Manager at Bauer Built Tire & Service, talks to us about the hardworking but friendly Midwestern people behind one of America’s largest commercial tire and retread manufacturers.

“The thing that differentiates us is our people,” Heather says, and goes on to explain that they’re the ones who day after day go out and fulfill the company’s business philosophy, which includes providing excellent customer service and pushing the status quo. In her view, Bauer Built employs a lot of hard workers who never back down from a challenge. Additionally, “What makes Bauer Built really strong is having a large, diverse population of employees.”

Heather gives a little company history, saying the first center was founded in 1944 in Durand, Wisconsin, and that’s where corporate headquarters remain to this day. Support services like IT, HR operations, finance, and marketing teams are also located in Durand, but Bauer Built has brick and mortar stores in ten states throughout the mid-west.

When asked about current job openings, Heather answers, “We’re looking for a lot of technicians out in our market,” including tire technicians and manufacturing technicians. The company is also hiring administrative support staff who she refers to as the heartbeat of Bauer Built.

What Heather likes most about the company is that she doesn’t feel like a number. Bauer Built is a family-owned establishment and that runs deep through the culture, along with a high degree of integrity and trust. Plus, the people make the environment a lot of fun. “I always say I’m not coming into work, I’m coming to hang out and get things accomplished with my friends.”

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