Navigating the Highways of Driver Recruitment and Retention

November 24, 2023


In the bustling trucking world, the driver recruitment and retention challenge remains a pivotal concern. As industry leaders converge at the Women in Trucking conference, a hotbed for innovation and discussion, Optym’s Semi-Related podcast sheds light on these critical issues.

Hosted by Jacob Eischen, this episode features Priscilla Peters, The Chief Marketing Officer for Conversion Interactive Agency, and Scott Dismuke, the VP of Operations for People. Data. Analytics (PDA). Peters brings a wealth of experience from her 26-year tenure in driver recruitment advertising. At the same time, Dismuke offers a fresh perspective from his data-centric role at PDA. Together, they dissect the intricacies of hiring practices and retention strategies in the context of the transportation sector.

The conversation ranges from personal industry journeys to the intersection of data and human experience in the recruitment process. The dialogue reveals the symbiotic partnership between Conversion Interactive Agency and PDA, marrying recruitment data with retention insights to provide a comprehensive view of a driver’s journey from click to hire—and beyond.

Semi-Related peels back the layers of driver sentiment, uncovering a preference for technology-assisted recruitment without sacrificing the human touch. The data-driven discussion underscores the importance of honesty in the recruitment process and the delicate balance of personal connection in the retention phase, especially during a driver’s crucial first six months.

As the trucking industry navigates a shifting economic landscape, Eischen, Peters, and Dismuke offer a roadmap for companies looking to adapt their recruitment and retention strategies to the evolving expectations of today’s drivers.

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