Bart De Muynck on Navigating the Supply Chain

October 4, 2023


How is AI transforming the logistics industry, and what are the key trends shaping its future?

Join Chris Torrence, Chief Strategy Officer at Optym, as he welcomes Bart De Muynck, a strategic advisor in logistics and technology. The dynamic conversation between the two industry veterans touches on various macro-level trends in the supply chain, offering insights into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Bart shares his expertise on the impact of disruptions, such as weather-related events and supply chain velocity, emphasizing the need for agility and resiliency in today’s logistics landscape. They delve into the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in supply chain operations, discussing how AI augments human capabilities rather than replacing them, particularly in the context of trucking and dispatching.

As the conversation unfolds, Bart provides valuable perspectives on adopting technology in the logistics industry and the transformative potential of AI. Together, they explore the nuanced relationship between technology and human expertise, shedding light on the future of logistics and the exciting developments on the horizon. Don’t miss this insightful discussion on the evolving world of supply chain management and the vital role of AI in shaping its future.

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