When you pause and look at our capabilities for air travel, they’re quite astounding. Humans found a way to launch other humans through the sky in a metal tube that flies. And yet, everyone dreads the airport and the process of catching a flight. Is it a futile side effect of our air travel? Can we change this? To find out, we sat down with Peter Schmidt, COO and Co-founder of Transcend Air, who says he’s found a way to make business travel feel “awesome” instead of “awful.”

“We have designed an aircraft that takes off and lands like a helicopter, but flies fast in between like a jet,” Schmidt said. “That allows us to unlock the heart of cities and offer city center to city center business travel without having to use airports.” Schmidt breaks down and explains how he and his company found a way to get you from NYC to Boston in 36 minutes, and how he’s looking to transform our concept of air travel for good. We hear about why air travel has remained relatively stagnant, the obstacles with entering the aerospace landscape, and about Schmidt’s lifelong love of aerospace.

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