Since the launch of this Roads, Rails & Rides this year, so much of the tone in the transportation industry has shifted. All of the positive forecasts have shifted to a strategy of analyzing how many resources an organization has in the reserves to help weather the storm.

The micro-transit options such as Bird and Lime that took streets by storm the past two years have had temporary bans placed on them to help reduce the spread of germs. All ride sharing has come close to a grinding halt as stay-in-shelter orders have swept the nation. But public transportation in cities have not been stopped because it is a crucial element of helping essential employees make it to work.

Host Jeb Morris and The Voice of B2B, Daniel Litwin, discuss how quickly the transportation landscape has changed and is still changing every day. An eye opening number Jeb mentions is that the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system reported a 92% drop in passengers from February to March. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated event as airports have reported a very similar drop in daily traffic. TSA has reported as having gone from 2 million passengers a day going through security last March to roughly an average of 200,000 people going through security.

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