Most “billboard-style” advertising is exactly that: a static billboard. The downside to that is that only people within visual distance of the billboard can possibly see its message. Incidental advertising, via a moving display, i.e., a moving truck, has the potential to reach a previously untapped segment of the public. On the Move focuses on helping prepare and provide that message with its truck services. On today’s podcast, Sean Heath spoke with Brian Rashid, Sales Leader with On The Move.

They discussed the founding principles behind the company’s existence, how simple it is to employ trucks across a wide range of businesses, and how important a food truck can be to higher education. “The owner of our company was a self storage operator himself… he went out and bought a few of his own trucks. 25, 26 years later, here we are and we’re about to go to our 10,000th account,” Rashid said.

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