The people have spoken: electric scooters are in, and though there’s been backlash on sharing programs from major cities, other municipalities are realizing there’s potential value in adjusting to this growing trend: increased commerce, happier citizens, transformative technology. Cities like Austin, TX, aren’t sweeping these scooters off the streets, they’re passing ordinances and working with sharing companies to integrate at a municipal level. What does this mean for the future of electric scooters and ride-sharing programs?

On today’s podcast, we sat down with Kevin Christy, Director of Customer Service for Consumer Products for Segway, to break down all things electric scooters, from user safety, to financial forecasts in the transportation industry, to changing city design, to environmental impact. “I think the demand is there, and the acceptance is there, and kind of what’s missing is the social piece of it,” Christy said.

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