The Last 747 is Delivered to the FEAM Hangar at CVG Airport

February 8, 2023

CINCINNATI, OH – After an iconic history, the last Boeing 747-8 Freighter has rolled out of the Boeing plant in Everett, Washington. This marks the end of an era for the aviation giant, as the Boeing 747 played an integral part in the development of commercial aviation since its introduction in 1969. The iconic humpback design and revolutionary size of the 747 made it the “Queen of the Skies” and a significant part of the history of air travel.

The last 747-8 Freighter was delivered to cargo carrier Atlas Air in a ceremony at the FEAM Aero hangar the the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. The President & CEO of Atlas Air, John Dietrich, and FEAM Aero leaders, Cam and Fred Murphy, were on hand to receive the legendary airplane and thank all of the employees across the companies that have made this historic milestone possible.

John Dietrich noted that while this is the last of its kind to be delivered, the 747 era is not yet at its end. With proper maintenance and care, this plane can remain in service for 40 or more years.

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