Your Guide to Talent Acquisition & Recruiting in the Aviation Industry: Insights from FEAM Aero

July 12, 2023
Cam Murphy


In the latest episode of “Beyond MRO,” a podcast brought to you by FEAM Aero, host Michelle Dawn Mooney explores the world of aircraft maintenance, repair, and operations. This episode delves into the crucial topic of talent acquisition and recruiting in the aviation industry. With the growing demand for skilled technicians and the need to attract new talent, FEAM Aero stands out as a company fostering growth and development. Joining Michelle are Christy Harris, Director of Talent Acquisition, and Ruben Ramos, Talent Acquisition Recruiter, as they share valuable insights and strategies.

In this episode, our host Michelle Dawn Mooney engages in an insightful conversation with Christy Harris, Director of Talent Acquisition, and Ruben Ramos, Talent Acquisition Recruiter from FEAM Aero. Together, they discuss the dynamic world of talent acquisition and recruiting, shedding light on the strategies that make FEAM Aero a standout company in the aviation industry.

Main Points of Conversation:

  • Christy Harris and Ruben Ramos share their personal journeys in the aviation industry, shaped by their military backgrounds.
  • The growth and development of the recruitment team at FEAM Aero, expanding rapidly to meet the demands of a global leader in aircraft line maintenance.
  • The significance of school visits, job fairs, and other aviation events in attracting and finding new talent, as well as building meaningful relationships with educational institutions.
  • Overcoming the challenges posed by the shortage of skilled technicians in the aviation industry through industry partnerships and initiatives.
  • FEAM Aero’s commitment to enhancing the recruitment process, including the establishment of an A&P school, sign-on bonuses, relocation assistance, and comprehensive training programs.
  • The unique aspects of working at FEAM Aero, including a supportive family-like environment, opportunities for internal movement and upward mobility, and attractive benefits packages.

Guest Bios:

Christy Harris is the Director of Talent Acquisition at FEAM Aero. With a lifelong passion for aviation and a military background, she brings extensive experience and a commitment to helping individuals advance their careers in the industry.

Ruben Ramos, a Talent Acquisition Recruiter at FEAM Aero, shares a deep fascination with aviation. With a diverse background, including military service and expertise in aviation safety, Ruben is dedicated to promoting the opportunities and growth potential at FEAM Aero.

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