First Class Travel A Focus as Travel Industry Returns

It’s no secret that airlines experienced drastic revenue loss from the pandemic. Airlines lost 126.4 billion dollars in 2020, and The International Air Transport Association predicted they will still lose 47.7 billion dollars in 2021. However, this decrease in revenue loss means airlines are making up ground. As travel ramps up, people will see shifts in first class travel.

It will be essential to keep the customer in mind according to Chris Adams, CEO of Ellis Adams Group, a lifestyle consulting agency. He believes airlines should focus on loyalty programs.

“I think it will be interesting to see how we find the hybrid between making sure that we’re maximizing the margins for us and being good stewards of owning a company, aligned with also making sure that were thinking about the fact that our customers, our guests, are still number one,” Adams stated.

Say Yes to Travel Host Sarah Danadashy says first class travel is here to stay. She says airlines still rely on first class seats when it comes to yearly earnings.

“The bulk of airlines make the most of their money on a flight on first class seats,” Danadashy stated.

She expects luxury travelers to have more options because of the service variety airlines provide.

“First class will be appealing to those business class travelers as well as those luxury leisure travelers,” said Danadashy. “But there’s also the shift for those luxury leisure travelers. There are more options than ever before.”

With airline travel taking off again, airlines will continue to balance profit margins with amenities to keep customers first. Adams believes these new, different services will help build customer loyalty.

“You’re looking at things like Delta Comfort, where it’s that hybrid between main cabin and first class,” said Adams. “And just looking for unique ways to increase the guest experience that says, ‘I’m becoming loyal, I don’t want to fly anywhere else, I only want to be here because of this reason.’”

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