How does AI affect business objectives around revenue and risk?

June 6, 2023



Implementing an effective Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) system has a significant impact on risk and compliance management. It allows organizations to proactively identify risks that may have gone unnoticed and ensures that contractual obligations are being met from a compliance perspective. With CLM, businesses can assess the fulfillment of contract intent, conduct appropriate testing, maintain quality standards, and adhere to service level agreements (SLAs).

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gas production oversight
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Air Liquide, a French multinational supplying gases worldwide, established a cutting-edge control role in Malaysia, overseeing industrial gas production in multiple countries. This comprehensive system enhances monitoring and control capabilities, ensuring efficient and safe air separation processes. It features advanced visualization tools, allowing operators to maintain a clear real-time overview of production metrics and…

Smart grid monitoring
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The rapid advancement of smart grid technologies has ushered in an era where smart grid monitoring and managing energy distribution have become pivotal for utility companies. However, despite significant advancements, a critical gap remains in visibility from the feeder to the meter, often resulting in inefficiencies and vulnerabilities within the grid. This gap underscores…

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As the landscape of business and technology continues to evolve, a novel concept is emerging that may soon redefine the traditional marketing framework: Machine to Machine (M2M) Marketing. This innovative approach could fundamentally transform how businesses interact, making it crucial to explore its implications and potential.   The Rise of M2M Marketing M2M Marketing builds…