LIT: Reimagining Tech Solutions

January 4, 2024


Jack Sepple, CEO of LIT, outlines the transformative journey of his company in creating a new asset class in the technology industry. LIT’s innovation lies in its ability to offer tech solutions ‘as a service’ on-premises across different OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) like Dell and HP, and globally in 43 countries. This unique capability allows them to stand out in the market.

A key highlight of LIT’s success story is its transition from manual operations to an automated platform. This shift has resulted in eliminating data discrepancies in order exchanges with OEMs and partners, consolidating inventory sources into a single reliable source, and establishing a unified platform for end-to-end process reporting.

ServiceNow plays a crucial role in Lit’s growth strategy. The company aims to grow as a platform-centric rather than a people-centric organization, emphasizing the importance of automation. ServiceNow also facilitates seamless integration with new partners, equipment providers, and banks within LIT’s ecosystem.

The tangible benefits of implementing ServiceNow include a 10% increase in delivery speeds due to improved order management and an unexpected advantage in processing thousands of invoices monthly through an optical reader feature, initially thought to be outside the finance systems’ scope.

Looking ahead, the company plans to further leverage ServiceNow for analytics and AI to enhance their supply chain and warehousing services, aiming to deliver superior service to their customers.

Sepple’s choice to leverage Thirdera for implementing ServiceNow was influenced by trusted relationships, particularly with Thirdera’s CEO, Jason Wojahn. Thirdera’s skilled team played a vital role in successfully deploying the best solutions for LIT.

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