Painting System by OnRobotics | Automated High Volume

January 1, 2023

In a recent podcast episode, Concept Systems explains how they offers a turnkey automated painting system with OnRobotics. With OnRobotics Paint, cost-conscious manufacturers can limit over-spray, minimize waste, ensure consistent quality, and increase output while reducing labor costs.

As part of a high-volume, automated finishing solution, the OnRobotics Paint Platform is powered by two standard FANUC robots and leverages a seventh axis with coordinated motion to enable 360-degree coverage as part of a larger, seamless painting system that can also expand to include curing, second coat, laser marking, and more.

Loading and unloading is fully automated, and parts on the fixture rack can be easily swapped out. A 3D vision system on the second robot locates the fixtures prior to picking them up and placing them on the conveyor.

Aditionally, automated multiple path programming, 360-degree access and scanning of the fixtured part results in a consistent finish on a wide variety of parts.

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