Jamie Chambron

Founder, Career Coach and Personal Branding Consultant Career Agility System

Jamie has started 3 companies, and worked at 10, along with leading a non-profit and co-founding the Alliance of Technology and Women in the span of 20 years. She has built and transformed talent at eight different organizations via leadership coaching and development. She's helped companies grow profitability thru innovation, cost containment, improved quality, employee engagement, and customer advocacy.

Bachelor of Arts - Computer Science
partner-program Partner Program Development
transformations Digital Transformation
operational Operational Excellence
service-innovation Service Innovation
business-model Organizational Design
project-management Change Management

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Refine Your North Star Now for the Year Ahead

MarketScale - December 21, 2022

Today we launch a new newsletter on LinkedIn to provide perspective on how to stay nimble in your career journey. The first article gives you insight into our own founder’s journey to help you think about how aligned you are with your personal career journey.

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Career Challenged? Reasons Why to Engage a Career Counselor Today

MarketScale - December 19, 2022

Did you know you will live approximately 4000 weeks? And how many have you lived to date? Think about that for perspective! There are numerous reasons why you should work with a career counselor. Not clear why? Check out this recent article where our CEO was quoted for reasons behind having a counselor in your corner.

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Recession-Proof? Steps to Take Now Before the Unexpected

MarketScale - November 9, 2022

Do you have everything in order from finances to your resume to manage through an unexpected downsizing? Or are you ready to make a career change but not sure how to do so? Join us at our next LinkedIn Live on Thursday, November 17th at Noon Central where I will share the steps to prepare for and navigate a career transition. Register here to attend.

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Lost on Who to Hire? Discover these Little-Known Differences

MarketScale - November 7, 2022

Looking for career help but confused on the “who”? Do I need a mentor for guidance? A writer to change my narrative? A marketer to work on my personal brand? With so many different types of people and organizations with lots of technologies it is confusing on what you need.

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Want a Career Breakthrough? Read November’s Tips for Advancement

MarketScale - November 2, 2022

From leveraging a give back time of year to reconnect with old colleagues to using a hidden LinkedIn tool to help navigate ways you could pivot your career, this month’s Career Challenger is full of tips to grow your career. Check it out here.

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Why Wait? Make Your Career Breakthrough Today!

MarketScale - May 23, 2022

Last week I had the pleasure meeting with a number of women in tech (and women working to transition into tech) both one on one for career advice and in a fast paced workshop I facilitated on taking the next steps in making a career breakthrough. Before the workshop I ran a poll on help needed to make career progress, and the answers boiled down to three main areas:

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