Jason Wolf

Digital Media Strategist MarketScale

Dynamic and talented professional, producer, teacher, and speaker. Over 10 years of experience producing and managing projects top to bottom for Arts, Educational, and Cultural organizations. Encompassing both Marketing and Operations, He bring excellent project-management skills, a great eye for detail, and a firm grasp of the creative process and how to guide it. Jason has a production background in live theater, video, and music and he hold a master’s degree in Marketing. Jason is experienced in video marketing, strategy, and storytelling, and excel at delivering, communicating and presenting material to diverse audiences of mixed age, size, experience and background. Proficient in working cross-functionally, leading teams, and executing projects on budget and on schedule. He has extensive international experience, and especially enthusiastic about working internationally and communicating cross-culturally.

Bachelor of Arts, Technical Theatre/Theatre Design and Technology 1996-2000
Master of Science, Marketing 2017-2019
Video Production
Content Strategy
image-63 Creative Direction
image-12 Digital Strategy

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