Jena Quinn

CEO and Founder Perfecting Peds

As a Business Owner at Perfecting Peds, I leverage my 10+ years of experience and board certification in pediatric pharmacy to provide high-quality and accessible services to children and families in the community. I am passionate about educating and empowering providers, parents, caregivers on how to safely and effectively use medications for the children's health and well-being.

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), Pharmacy 2006 - 2012
hospitals Hospitals
educations Patient Education
pharmacy-1 Pharmacy
pharmacists Pharmacists
image-53 Clinical Research

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Pediatric Pharmacy is More than Niche, It Saves Lives

Jena Quinn - September 30, 2023

In an era where personalized healthcare is becoming a necessity rather than a luxury, pediatric pharmacy carves a critical spot, especially as it proves to be a lifesaver in complex cases. On this episode of Healthcare Rethink, host Brian Urban, who serves as the Director of Innovation and Emerging Markets at FinThrive, delves deep into this field.

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