John Merris

CEO & Director Solo Brands

John Merris is the CEO of Solo Brands, bringing with him a wealth of expertise in driving sales, expansion, and profitability. Merris has held significant roles at major companies, including serving as a board member for Oru Kayak, Chief Revenue Officer for Clarus, and Vice President at MultiView. A visionary leader, Merris possesses advanced management skills, excelling in areas such as revenue acceleration, change management, operations, and product development. His business acumen is complemented by his exceptional relationship management and negotiation abilities, consistently building teams that not only achieve revenue gains but also safeguard margins and profitability. With a proven track record of partnering with private equity for successful outcomes, he continues to make impactful contributions in executive leadership roles across sales, operations, and marketing sectors.

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science and Government 2004 - 2007
Master of Business Administration (MBA 2011 - 2013
462210-2 Sales Growth
462210-3 Retail Executive Strategy
Product Development
relationship-team Relationship Management
462210-4 Entrepreneurship

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