Jon Paul Beauchamp

Senior Manager / Business Development Icom America Inc.

ICOM America sells Land Mobile Radios (for Commercial and Public Safety), WLAN radios, Amatuer radios, Marine Radios, and Aviation radios. and the infrastructure to support each of these markets. Additionally; we have LTE radio equipment and Satellite communications made exclusively for the Iridium network.

Bachelor of Science (BS), Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration 1990 - 1994
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operational Operations Management

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Recent Posts

endurance and technology

Endurance and Technology: Navigating the Challenges of the Baja Rally

Jon Paul Beauchamp - December 6, 2023

The Baja Rally, an event synonymous with extremely rugged terrains, recently concluded its 2023 edition, marking another year of adrenaline-fueled adventure and a test of endurance and technology.This years rally, a grueling six-day ride through the Baja Peninsula, not only tested the limits of participants but also showcased the pivotal role of advanced communication technologies in such high-stakes environments.

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surviving bad weather
Community Generated Content - Icom

Surviving Bad Weather: Top 5 Tips from Icom

Jon Paul Beauchamp - October 13, 2023

Preparing is crucial as winter approaches and the threat of severe weather looms. Jon Paul Beauchamp, a Senior Manager at Icom, shares five essential tips to ensure safety and comfort during adverse conditions.

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amelia rose earhart talks lessons in aviation

APCO 2023: Lessons in Aviation Come From Embracing Challenges and Teamwork

Jon Paul Beauchamp - September 12, 2023

As businesses and organizations are undergoing significant changes due to the rapid acceleration of technology and the shifting landscape of work, the significance of training, dedication, and teamwork has never been more pressing. According to a Gallup study, fully engaged teams showed 23 percent greater profitability than those who weren't.

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data + comms

The Operation Center Communication Equation: Data + Comms = Interconnectivity

Jon Paul Beauchamp - September 8, 2023

In todays fast-paced digital age, the seamless integration of data and comms is paramount. As industries evolve, efficient and effective operation centers are becoming increasingly crucial.

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school communication safety tips
Community Generated Content - Icom

Icom’s Five School Communication Safety Tips

Jon Paul Beauchamp - September 7, 2023

John Paul Beauchamp, Senior Business Development Manager at Icom shares five essential school communication safety tips for school districts to ensure a safer academic year: Staff should set their radios to the correct channels with an optimal volume balance Use the scan feature to monitor multiple user groups An earpiece for discreet communication while patrolling hallways Maintain communication with busing during student arrivals and departures to secure parking areas Inform extracurricular coaches and moderators about their designated channels and emergency contactsIcom hopes for a secure and prosperous school year for all.

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data aggregation

Data Aggregation and Global Connectivity: Events Data and Devices

Jon Paul Beauchamp - August 25, 2023

The interlinking of data aggregation and global connectivity in todays fast-paced digital age highlights the importance of events data and communication devices in various industries.Large organizations, from casinos to the Department of Defense, increasingly rely on radios and data technology to streamline operations and enhance communication.

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