Josiah Nelson

Digital Media Strategist Marketscale

Josiah is the co-owner of a video production company that helps businesses promote it's message and purpose. Through video, he can show the world who you are and what you do. As a business owner, Josiah has the passion for creating and growing something meaningful and impactful to others. He strives for excellence in everything he does.

Bachelors of Digital Arts
creative Adobe Creative Suite
image Color Correction
Video Editing
image-50-1 Adobe Premiere Pro

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Recent Posts


DNJ Media Productions - Infographic Promo

Josiah Nelson - October 22, 2021

This short infographic was made to promote DNJ Media Production's video services to marketing directors, and other individuals in the marketing field.

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Aurora Repertum - A Portfolio Project

Josiah Nelson - September 28, 2021

This video is a short video ad for a company that does not exist. I made this video to showcase my talent and technique in the world of video production. I produced this video primarily to showcase my businesses capabilities in video production.

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Milford Hills promo

Josiah Nelson - September 18, 2021

This video was produced for Milford Hills, a state of the art country club in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin. Milford Hills contracted my business to produce this video for their promotional purposes.

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Josiah Nelson -

Our goal is to provide the highest quality video production, photography, website design, and website management services to you or your business. It is our plan that you and your business will be more prosperous and successful as a result.

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