Leslie Samuel

Founder Interactive Biology

Leslie Samuel's journey is a testament to determination and passion. Although his dream of becoming a university professor was initially hampered by the lack of a Ph.D., he didn't let that stop him. Instead, he embraced the digital age, becoming a prominent blogger and YouTuber. Through these platforms, Leslie shared his knowledge, effectively teaching what he would have taught in a classroom, reaching hundreds of thousands of eager learners worldwide. His online success opened doors, leading to his dream job as a university professor in a Doctor of Physical Therapy program, despite the absence of a Ph.D. However, Leslie's impact online was undeniable, prompting him to make the bold decision to transition into a full-time blogger and business coach. Today, through Interactive Biology, Leslie Samuel continues to demonstrate that Biology is not only educational but also immensely enjoyable. His journey is a shining example of how determination and innovation can turn dreams into reality.

Master's Degree, Biology/Neurobiology 2003-2008
Bachelor's Degree, Zoology/Animal Biology 1997-2003
biological-science-1 Biological Sciences
image-7-1-300x300-1 Biology News
educator-300x300-1 STEM Education
zoo Zoology
image-10-300x300-1 Innovative Online Education

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crocodile virgin birth

First-Ever Crocodile Virgin Birth Could Lead Scientists to New Methods of Conservation and Preservation

Leslie Samuel - June 16, 2023

In a groundbreaking discovery, scientists have recorded the first ever crocodile virgin birth at a reptile park in Costa Rica. A female American crocodile named Coquita, isolated for 16 years, was found with a clutch of 14 eggs, a phenomenon known as facultative parthenogenesis (FP).

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Generate new neurons in the adult brain

Biologists Figured Out How to Generate New Neurons in the Adult Brain, Revolutionizing Neurodegenerative Disease Research

Leslie Samuel - March 17, 2023

Recently biologists discovered how to generate new neurons in the adult brain. This is an incredible breakthrough that has enormous potential to revolutionize neurodegenerative disease research.

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fungus from The Last of Us Could Help Fight Cancer

The Fungus from The Last of Us Could Help Fight Cancer

Leslie Samuel - February 28, 2023

The Last of Us, HBOs videogame-inspired zombie TV epic, opened to rave reviews last month. This drama, led by Game of Thrones stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, shows a post-apocalyptic world that has been ravaged by the corydceps fungus after the fungus adapts for survival in the human body.

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