Lisa Jey Schanley

Director of BD for HYPERVSN, T.E.A. West Div Board Member

Lisa Jey (Davis) Schanley is an experienced creative leader, and a former large-scale event, experience, and live show producer/writer. She has booked and managed talent for television, written for/produced global entertainment events, and a myriad of other forms of productions. Lisa is on the board of the Western North America Themed Entertainment Association, also serving as the co-chair of the Communications committee, and has been involved in the industry for a number of years. Additionally, Lisa has over twenty years expertise in marketing the space. As a result, while engaging the target audience, her goal is to reach desired revenue growth and market share (leveraging data & insights). As one who is well-read and thinks both creatively and analytically, Lisa has a natural ability to read and understand what the public is looking for, regardless of the genre.

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