Nick Loris

Vice President of Public Policy C3 Solutions

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M.A., Economics 2006 - 2008
BA, Economics, Finance, Political Science 2002 - 2006

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Recent Posts


The Negative Public Perception of Nuclear Energy is Posing More Risks Than Its Actual Threat

Nick Loris - September 17, 2023

Despite being in the age of information, misinformation can often cast a longer shadow especially pertaining to the perception of nuclear energy. Even with its green credentials and immense potential for reducing carbon emissions, nuclear power struggles with public perception.

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small modular nuclear reactors

For Wider Adoption of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors, Experts Call on Licensing & Permitting Reform

Nick Loris - May 10, 2023

The future of scalable clean energy production is also the new dawn of nuclear with the advent of small modular nuclear reactors (SMRs), a promising technology capable of revolutionizing America's and the world's energy landscape. As the global push for greener energy sources intensifies, these reactors present a viable pathway towards achieving significant climate and environmental goals.

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