Omar Khateeb

Head of State & Podcast Host The State of MedTech

My story might be a shock but my mission is simple: I want to change how medtech companies sell and market to physicians by using social media in a powerful new way. Here's my story: Growing up in the US/Mexico border town of El Paso, Texas I am a first generation American. The idea of discipline, honor, and hard work were engrained in me by my parents. I went to medical school on an academic scholarship and dropped out in 2012 to pursue a career in technology. I found my way into an exciting surgical robotics company called Mazor Robotics, the first robotic spine company. I started off "carrying the bag" as a clinical sales rep before quickly getting promoted to US Marketing Manager for my ability to do great patient marketing campaigns and market the technology. The past decade has been spent at various high-tech startups driving growth and technology adoption through growth marketing and category design. This includes two publicly traded surgical robotic companies through their IPOs as well as co-founding a consumer product for men’s fashion. In 2022 I launched my own venture, Khateeb & Co, with a mission to help medical sales people drive technology adoption using social media. I also launched a media company called "The State of MedTech" which helps physicians and industry professionals learn more about the latest trends in medicine through a podcast, webinar, blog, and live show. The majority of the episodes offer CME credits via a physician's reflection. My areas of focus are category design, driving adoption of new technologies, and developing strategies to channel attention towards generating demand. In my spare time, I love teaching and mentoring young professionals. Im an avid reader and also paid public speaker.You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (@OmarMKhateeb) or Youtube (Mind Loom with Omar M Khateeb).

Doctor of Medicine 2009 - 2012
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