Osvaldo Caballero

Director at Lone Star College Construction Technologies
Doctor of Education - EdD, Educational Leadership and Administration, General, Master of Business Administration - MBA, Construction Management May 2023 - Dec 2025
image-2023-10-10T124620.196 HVAC licensed technician
image-2023-10-10T124742.879 Electrical Contracting
image-2023-10-10T124853.191 Licensed Master Electrician

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Aspiring HVAC Technicians Today Need Tech Skills As Much As Hands-On Abilities

Osvaldo Caballero - August 24, 2023

Smart homes and intelligent building systems are not only reshaping how we interact with our environments, but are also fundamentally altering the skill set required to maintain them. Once upon a time, HVAC technicians were chiefly concerned with hands-on capabilities and a working knowledge of basic refrigeration cycles.

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