Patrick Szydlik

Patrick Szydlik is a lifelong entrepreneur that has specialized in Real Estate Marketing for the past 5 years. Patrick Recently Sold his Media company Film 360 where as CEO he has helped market and sell over 2 billion dollars of real estate in the last 5 years. Patrick (better known online as @real_estate_pat) is a marketing and Real Estate Leader that has a passion for helping others reach their potential as well as their Professional Goals. Patrick Specializes in Real Estate, Branding, Media, Websites, Software, System Development, Advertising, Recruiting, Coaching, and Foundational Structure to close an Agents “Ecosystem”

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Patrick Szydlik, One Of The Worlds Best Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Patrick Szydlik, owner & ceo of real estate social pros, a san diego startup that’s making waves, started with one thing in mind.

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Meet Patrick Szydlik | Entrepreneur

Hi Patrick, we’d love to hear about how you approach risk and risk-taking. I am a firm believer in “Risk is the price you pay for Opportunity”. The bigger the opportunity the more risk you’ll have to take.

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