Shayva Steinberg

Designer & Content Creator, Owner/Operator Shaype

Creativity and practicality don't always coincide, but Shayva make sure that they do. Shayva is open to design and development inquiries of all sorts, from concept through to production. She also teach college students, facilitate interactive workshops, and develop my own curricula that have been lauded by students as among their best.

Advanced Ontario College Diploma, Industrial Design 2001 - 2005
Lighting Design Certificate (expected 2023), Lighting Design
M.Ed., Guidance Counselling
teaching Teaching
Product Development
image-9 Leadership
image-2 Program Management
image-39-1 Adobe Photoshop

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Architecture & Design

Designers Should Prioritize Proper Color Temperature in Exterior Lighting Designs to Serve Their Communities

Shayva Steinberg - August 2, 2023

As society grapples with the intricacies of modern life, the influence of exterior lighting on our psychological and physiological well-being has begun to draw attention. It's not just about illuminating the darkness anymore; it's also about respecting the natural rhythms of our bodies and fostering meaningful human interactions.

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