10 Minutes to a Better Building

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Clients need a strategic partner who provides true value and ongoing support

  Boland’s client partnerships are at the heart of everything they do. But what does that partnership look like from the client’s end? To determine precisely how clients feel about working with Boland and what makes this relationship so unique, Tyler Kern brought in two leaders from one of Boland’s partners, Tatitlek Technologies. Brian Stokes, […]

The ROI Your Organization Gains from Powerful Service Contracts

  On this episode of Boland’s 10 Minutes to a Better Building, host Tyler Kern was joined by Boland’s Joe Lodico, Account Representative, and Monica Lucas, Account Executive. The trio explored a critical piece of any organization’s effort to get the most out of their facilities and their investment in them – service contracts. “A […]

Contractual Compliance Sustains a Better Building

Any organization that owns buildings understands the importance of maintaining them with regular service calls. Many have contracts with service providers, but not all of them are met on time. If that occurs, building owners can find themselves in need of emergency repairs to their HVAC unit. That’s not the case for today’s guest on […]

Where to Find the Hidden Nuggets of Energy Savings

When funding a healthy building project, finding additional savings wherever possible is always welcomed. Do hidden nuggets of energy savings assist? That was the question posed to Dean Smith, Controls Specialist at Boland, and he had some good news for building owners. The starting point for savings begins with the client’s goals. With so many […]

10 Minutes to a Better Building: A Guide for Choosing the Right Parts & Supplies Partner

Although he’s quite the busy man, Vince Dawson, General Manager at Boland Supply, found 10 minutes to spare, and that’s precisely the time needed to help host Tyler Kern with some tips and insights on choosing the right parts and supplies partner. “I think the best reason for choosing the right supplier is you can […]

Electrification and Decarbonization Create Better Spaces

“Electrification is another piece of the journey to decarbonize, which means releasing less CO2 into the atmosphere. To do this, it’s reducing the burning of fossil fuels for energy, which relates mainly to building heating for space and water,” Scanlan explained. The move toward this, certain to be a bigger focus in the next year, […]

How Regular Water Treatment Maintenance Can Affect Your Bottom Line

  Who doesn’t love to save money? Scratch that. Who doesn’t love to save time, energy, stress, and money? That’s what we thought. For building owners, finding the right water treatment system may not be at the top of their to-do list, but it should be. That’s why Tyler Kern, host, 10 Minutes to a […]

Keep Your Building Controls Up-To-Date

While there are plenty of new buildings constructed every year, chances are you’re working with an older building. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 50% of commercial buildings in the country are 40 years old or older. That means their building controls may also be lagging behind the times. “Systems degrade over time, which […]

Importance of the Energy Grid for your Building

Brendan Dowd, Service Team Leader at Boland, believes each building owner and operator need to understand the billing structure of their building’s energy consumption. “The grid is changing due to climate change and the growth of intermittent renewable resources, so my prediction is that, soon, electricity will be priced by time of energy used,” Dowd […]

How to Make the Most of the Re-emerging Focus on Indoor Air Quality

  The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a hot topic in building maintenance to the forefront of the conversation – indoor environment quality. On this episode of 10 Minutes to a Better Building, Boland EVP Jerry Scanlan noted that the term has implications that extend well beyond just air quality. “There are four main elements in […]