Adapt Energy


The Benefits of Living with Energy Automation

Adapt Energy’s experts and thought leaders bring knowledge and understanding to home automation energy solutions, but Jorge Ortiz brings an additional level to the conversation – his own experience. Ortiz is a Florida homeowner who powers his home through a combination of solar and battery power and the home automation control of Adapt Energy. He […]

Adapt Energy: Rolling Blackouts, Microgrids, and Elevated Energy Automation

In February of 2021, Texas went through an energy crisis, with many residents experiencing rolling blackouts. PanTech Design CEO Troy Morgan joined host Tyler Kern to talk about this phenomenon, what rolling blackouts are, why they occur and how solutions like microgrids and energy automation can help reduce them. “You’ll find rolling blackouts happening throughout […]

Adapt Energy: A Closer Look at the Adapt Energy System’s Design Process

How do you design a perfect product? Although the idea of perfection is a subjective one, when Troy Morgan and Alex Teague envisioned their ideal Adapt Energy system, they knew they wanted it to be a reliable one above all else. Morgan and Teague, who are PanTech Design’s CEO and COO respectively, then began designing […]

Home Automation and Energy Management Make a Powerful Team

Companies like PanTech Design rely on marketing agencies such as One Firefly to help them bring their solutions in home automation and energy management to a market that’s gaining momentum every day. Ron Callis, Founder and CEO of One Firefly, joined Troy Morgan, Founder and CEO of PanTech Design, to discuss today’s home […]

Adapt Energy: The Importance of Clean and Constant Power within an Unreliable Grid

PanTech Design sees the future, and it is one of energy monitoring, load control and ensuring clean and constant power flow for commercial and home consumption. Troy Morgan, Founder and CEO of PanTech Design, and Joe Piccirilli, Managing Director and CEO of Rosewater Energy Group, popped by Adapt Energy to discuss the importance […]

Adapt Energy: Home Energy Storage Solutions for Solar

Troy Morgan, CEO, PanTech Design and Blake Richetta, CEO, Sonnen USA  kicked off the first episode of Adapt Energy with a discussion on the rise of home energy storage and why the viability of solar depends on it. A few years ago, PanTech Design began developing energy automation systems to work within the […]