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Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Sees the Light of Day

This year’s budget proposal season is a little spicy as it’s the first major budget haggling of Biden’s administration, and it seems to be focusing heavily on goals he campaigned on; funding for more equitable education, pollution reduction, and a 110 billion dollar transportation package. That infrastructure package is now more of a reality, and […]

Will AMC’s Decision to Accept Bitcoin Generate Crypto Momentum?

Some significant news in the cryptocurrency was finally made official recently, as theater juggernaut AMC announced that it would begin accepting Bitcoin by the end of 2021. The theater chain will also begin accepting Apple Pay and Google Pay, though the Bitcoin announcement was obviously the star of the show when CEO Adam Aron hopped […]

California’s Record Heat Waves Drive Droughts to Match

Extreme temperatures have impacted the nation’s power grid from both ends of the spectrum, with states like Texas experiencing both severe outages during an unprecedented freeze and drastic sags during the hot summer months. In California, though, things have taken an even more disruptive turn. The state recently shut down a major hydroelectric plant at […]

Hiring Picks Up the Pace Despite Lingering COVID Concerns

Even with parts of the country being hit hard by a wave of the Delta variant of COVID-19, the outlook for the jobs market appears to be on an upward swing. In July, nonfarm payrolls skyrocketed, increasing by more than 940,000 as the unemployment rate dipped to just under 5.5%, according to a recent report […]