Breaking New Ground

Technology, whether we like it or not, is rapidly altering how we live, learn, work, and play. Join Joel Pennington, Head of Product at VIM and tech industry veteran, as he inquisitively joins thought leaders and innovators to explore how industries like Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Science, Gaming, and Film shape the reality of our future.


The Changing Face of Middle Management: Breaking New Ground

On this episode of Breaking New Ground, Host Joel Pennington talked with Radha Mistry, a digital native who spends her time intuiting what our future, both digital and physical, will look like. She also leads the foresight practice at Autodesk and teaches as part-time faculty on the MFA Transdisciplinary Design program at The New School […]

Bridging the Gap Between Reality and the Digital VR Metaverse

What is the digital metaverse, and what role will this play for our society as we become more and more integrated with the technology we use every day? On this episode of the Breaking New Ground podcast, host Joel Pennington has brought in two guests – Samuel Arsenault-Brassard and Johan Hanegraaf – to answer […]

The Importance and Impact of the Green Building Industry

There’s no denying that the environmental movement has grown exponentially in the last decade. But, unlike other movements, sustainability isn’t something we can easily measure or notice a palpable change with. That doesn’t mean that it’s any less important, however. So, for the inaugural episode of the podcast, Joel Pennington, podcast host and the Head […]