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Cooler News: An Inside Look at KPS Global’s New Marketing Coordinator Role

Now that KPS Global has homed in on the goals we want to achieve in the new year, we’re expanding our team to help us get there. One of the new roles being offered is the Marketing Coordinator position, which will focus heavily on content generation and collaboration with KPSG’s subject matter experts. Cooler […]

Cooler News: How to Effectively Scale COVID-19 Vaccine Storage Solutions

As the first COVID vaccine to be given FDS emergency authorization begins its distribution, many healthcare organizations have been tasked with a new challenge; figuring out how to store the vaccine at ultra-cold temperatures. How can healthcare organizations set themselves up for success quickly? In this episode of Cooler News, host Daniel Litwin is […]

Cooler News: The State of Robotics in Grocery Markets

To get a clearer picture of technology innovations and solutions in robotics in the grocery delivery and fulfillment space, Cooler News tapped Joe McMenamin, Director of eCommerce at KPS Global, for some perspective. A major reason why this conversation is relevant today is the pandemic’s disruption in the grocery industry and the increasing need […]

Cooler News: Ecommerce Grocery Go Live Challenges

A June 2020 survey from BMC (Brick Meets Click) and Mercatus USA found that 45.6 million U.S. consumers were online grocery shoppers, a 6% increase from the previous month. With this new COVID environment, the demand for eCommerce solutions in retail and grocery, specifically, appears to be increasing with no signs of stopping. How […]

Cooler News: Fighting Back Against Condensation in Walk-In Coolers

Condensation in a walk-in freezer or cooler can be a real issue. Business owners may see droplets on glass doors or pooling water on the floor around the edge of a walk-in cooler. KPS Global’s experts have field experience figuring out why condensation is happening and what do about it. Jason Bratcher, Director of […]

Cooler News: Managing the Supply Chain During the Pandemic

Even in the earliest days of the pandemic, the spotlight was on national and global supply chains. How would they hold up if the worst came to pass? Now several months into that world-wide crisis, Jeff Monroe, Director of Supply Chain at KPS Global, spoke about the challenges of supply chain management during the […]

Cooler News: The Grocery Revolution & How Online Grocery Fulfillment is Changing the Game

Change is part of every industry. The grocery industry is no different. Evolution has become necessary, mostly driven by customer preferences. The grocery shopping experience is evolving with the support of technology. To chat about this new segment of the market is Joe McMenamin, business development for grocery fulfillment at KPS Global, a leading […]

Cooler News: Walk-In Freezer Innovations are Defying the Laws of Thermodynamics

The first modern freezer hit homes in the early 1900s. Since then, modern refrigeration and freezers have come a long way; the laws of thermodynamics, though, haven’t changed. The way in which people treat and manage their walk-in freezers often incurs more costs for a company, whether that’s in maintenance or energy costs, and […]

Cooler News: The Technology Moving Equipment Enclosures Forward

Mining oil and gas is essential to human civilization currently. However, the public does not often think of the massive machinery and equipment that are responsible for energy infrastructure, and thus make the modern lifestyle viable. This equipment, most often large, is also fragile and must be cared for. Today, we dive into how […]