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Talkin’ Shop: Creating a Fantastic Future of European Equipment Distribution

Managing Director of Partner Limited, Sebastian Starosta, sat down with host of Talkin’ Shop, Tyler Kern, to discuss the partnership between Partner and Walbro. Partner Limited is an industrial leader of machine parts located in Poland serving the diverse Europe area. Depending on the country, Partner operates as a B2B or B2C distributor according to […]

How Modern Control Systems Help Maximize Gym Equipment and Space

Modern gymnasiums are well-rounded facilities. In one day, they might host different sports teams and a farmer’s market. The technology controlling these environments is evolving and helps these gyms transition between events. On this episode of Engineering Value, A Draper® Podcast, host Tyler Kern talked with Neal Turner, the Director of Gymnasium Sales at Draper®. […]

Engineering Value: Selecting the Right Fabric for Proper Shading

  Creating a perfect solution is often a team effort. Such is the case when it comes to shading solutions and partnership between Draper® and Phifer, a third-generation, family-owned-and-operated textile weaver and manufacturer based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Jeff Miller, Director of Architectural Shading Solutions at Draper, and Bill Strickland, National Market Manager for Sun Control […]

The Benefits of Ambient Light Rejection in Projection Screens

  In most practical use situations, projectors face the issue of ambient light. What is the science behind this effect, and what are the solutions for maintaining a bright image when the environment will not allow for the proper darkness? Steve Cook, Consultant Relations Manager at Draper, provided some insights on ambient light rejection (ALR). […]

The Benefits of Motorized and Automated Roller Shades

The benefits of roller shades are clear – they make a space’s occupants more comfortable by controlling lighting levels, ensuring thermal comfort and minimizing glare. However, even more benefits can be had when those roller shades are motorized, automated or both. Draper Architectural Market Specialist Jessi Wright and Director of Business Development for Automation and […]

Engineering Value: The Foundation Mount System and Acumen Projection Screens Class Up AV Solutions

  It’s difficult to achieve the right mixture of classy and grandiose. Draper®️ has done just that with its Acumen™️ projection screen, one of a pair of new products. Older surface mounted projection screens can stand out too much in a room or space. But Monica Altman, Draper’s Sales Consultant for National Accounts, said the new […]

Engineering Value: Diving into Draper’s Tailored Solar Control Solutions

  On this episode of Engineering Value, a Draper podcast, host Tyler Kern was joined by Draper®️ Architectural Consultant – Solar Control Solutions Richard Wilson and Product Manager – Solar Control Solutions Clint Childress. The trio provided an in-depth look at the variety of custom, tailored solar control and shading solutions the company offers, which […]

Engineering Value: How Draper is Looking Back and Forging Ahead

  On this episode of Engineering Value, a Draper podcast, host Tyler Kern was joined by Chris Broome, fifth-generation President of the company. The duo dove into Draper’s ( unique and extensive history as a family-owned business for well over a century, the company’s current values and initiatives, and where the business is headed as […]

Engineering Value: The Hidden Savings of Engineering Value

  The bottom line. That is an unavoidable, monolithic reality of the construction industry. However, a formulaic “race to the bottom” can have dramatically negative effects on the true cost of a project. On this episode of the Engineering Value podcast, Steve Edwards, Director of National Accounts and Special Projects with Draper, sat down with […]

Engineering Value: Value Should Not be A Code Word

  Language is constantly evolving. For example, the word “value” has taken on a negative connotation in recent years; a value product may be cheaper, but usually it’s of inferior quality, and is meant to be the bargain option. On this episode of Engineering Value, a Draper, Inc. podcast, Grant Wylie, Director of Product Management […]