First Flight


Hendrik Hoppe on Airplane Wing

First Flight with Hendrik Hoppe

For hobbyist pilot Hendrik Hoppe, the journey into the skies was a long and winding one. Growing up in Eastern Germany, achieving a dream of personal aviation simply wasn’t an option. “I was born and grew up in Eastern Germany,” Hoppe said. “(General) aviation was not existing at all, because somebody could easily take a […]

First Flight with Jimmy Fordham

After 50 years in the air, it may be a fair question to ask Jimmy Fordham if he has spent more time on earth or in its skies. “My dad was really the person that got me interested in flying. I was very thankful that he enjoyed aviation because he put a real love of […]

First Flight with Larry Gaines

Larry Gaines is the leader of B2OSH, or Bonanzas to Oshkosh! Every year he groups up with other pilots to make the trek to Oshkosh in their Bonanzas. Aspen Avionics took some time to sit down with Larry and find out where his passion for flying came from, and why he continues to fly today. […]