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The LeddarTech Lab: The Importance of Partner Ecosystems in Tech

Vital partner ecosystems must exist and thrive to achieve autonomous driving as a scalable solution for transportation. Heinz Oyrer, Director of Strategic Partnerships at LeddarTech, and Christopher Wiegand, Product Manager at dSPACE, spoke on the strength of LedderTech and dSPACE’s relationship. “The very basic idea of a partner ecosystem is to create synergies,” Wiegand explained. […]

Keeping Tracks Safe With Lidar

  What technology is currently being used to monitor railroads? What are the shortcomings? How can safety and efficiency be increased with better monitoring? On this episode of LeddarTech Lab, host Tyler Kern is joined by John Dinan, Field Application Engineer for LeddarTech for a discussion about how railroad monitoring can be improved with innovative […]

Business Ecosystems Are Key to Success in the Autonomous Driving Industry

On this episode of LeddarTech Lab, Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin talked with LeddarTech Director of Strategic Partnerships Heinz Oyrer about the LeddarTech ecosystem: how it functions and how it’s been designed and structured from the very beginning. The duo explored the company’s ecosystem and how it is crucial for the successful integration of our […]

Autonomous Vehicles Are Coming, and They Need Rugged Sensors

Cars that drive themselves are a possibility, but they won’t be coming overnight. Still, there’s plenty of reason to think autonomous technology will be part of technological advances in the near future, said Vincent Racine, Senior Product Line Manager for LeddarTech, especially with many municipal and regional governments beginning to loosen regulations on testing some […]

LiDAR’s Accuracy Makes It a Strong Investment for Tollway Operators

Counting cars isn’t just a way to pass the time on a long road trip, as an accurate count can help avoid missed collections for toll road operators. With tollbooths, which cause more accidents and are more expensive to manage, on the way out in most countries around the world, making sure the right electronic […]

LeddarTech Lab: Reaching True Autonomy Through LiDAR Technology

  Pierre Olivier’s involvement in LiDAR technology runs throughout his 10 years with LeddarTech. Olivier, LeddarTech’s Chief Technology Officer, popped by The LeddarTech Lab to share his thoughts on how LiDAR is making true autonomy in vehicles a reality. “There are various ways to define the scope of the ODD (operational design domain),” said Olivier. […]

From ADAS to Autonomy, What Does the Future of Autonomy Hold?

LeddarTech President and COO Frantz Saintellemy joined Daniel Litwin for the inaugural episode of MarketScale’s Transportation podcast to explore the applications and trends surrounding automotive LiDAR sensor technology and everything it touches. Saintellemy has a lengthy career in the space, previously working for Integrated Device Technology (IDT)as the company’s VP, Automotive and Industrial and at […]

The Latest LiDAR Solutions Coming to CES 2020

The biggest tech show of the year, CES 2020, kicks off on January 7th, with the newest in everything from hobby toys to transformative AI. Daniel Aitken, Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications at LeddarTech, will be at the conference showcasing the latest technological advancements in LiDAR solutions for autonomous transportation. Aitken sat down […]