Like It’s Your Job

The number of responsibilities and opportunities involved when starting a business or becoming a leader within an organization can overwhelm the best of us – it certainly overwhelmed David and Matthew. Join the two hosts as they interview successful leaders about their journey to leadership: victories, failures, and realizations. This is Like It's Your Job, a podcast from TSG Publishing.


How to Select, Manage and Grow a Co-Founding and Equal Partnership Relationship

For their seventh episode of Like It’s Your Job, Matt and David Shields brought on two innovators in the debt capital delivery world: Joe Beard, CEO, and Joel Radtke, President & COO, of CollateralEdge. CollateralEdge is an innovative fintech platform that provides community and regional banks with a flexible, automated risk management solution to […]

What Matters Most in Mentorship?

Bill Cawley, Chairman and CEO, Cawley Partners is passionate about mentorship and joined hosts David Shields, Partner, Shields Legal Group and Matthew Shields, Principal, Shield Capital Group for an insightful and genuine discussion of how these relationships bring benefits and value to both the mentor and the mentee. The core of mentorship is a mix […]

Like It’s Your Job: Building Strategic Partnerships in Business and Beyond

Astute entrepreneur, start-up advisor, business owner and expert negotiator Melethia Campbell Tuggle is the Owner and President of Robin Steel, LLC. She knows the value of strategic partnerships in setting a business up for success, and she shared her insights and experiences with Matt and David Shields on this episode of Like It’s Your Job. […]

How to Develop and Maintain Innovative and Quality Customer Experiences

Kris Elliott, COO at Expansive Workspace is a strong business leader with more than 20 years of experience in the coworking sector. She brought her wealth of knowledge and insights to Like It’s Your Job to talk about the ways to develop and maintain innovative and quality customer experiences. Elliott’s focus for the past three […]

Taking a Business from Zero to Revenue

In a world looking for innovation and forward thinkers, Brian Hoang is thriving. As CEO and Co-Founder of SURVIVR, Hoang’s mission is to transform law enforcement training. SURVIVR is a public benefit VR platform that helps first responders improve their decision-making and de-escalation skills. He joined hosts Matt Shield and David Shields to share his […]

Selling your Business with Confidence

David and Matthew Shields, the hosts of the Like It’s Your Job podcast, have spent most of their careers helping businesses and business leaders grow. Much like their father, Jim Shields, they were motivated by the desire to do something good. So, for their first episode, they decided it was only fitting to bring Jim […]